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Why is everybody rushing? ~ Funny Jokes

Why is everybody rushing?

The recruit had just arrived at a Foreign Legion post in the desert..He asked his corporal what the men did for recreation. The corporal smiled wisely and said, “You’ll see.” The young man was puzzled. “Well, you’ve got more than a hundred men on this base and I don’t see a single woman.”
“You’ll see,” the corporal repeated.
That afternoon, three hundred camels were herded in the corral. At a signal, the men seemed to go wild. They leaped into the corral and began to screw the camels. The recruit saw the corporal hurrying past him and grabbed his arm.
I see what you mean, but I don’t understand,” he said. “There must be three hundred of those camels and only about a hundred of us. Why is everybody rushing? Can’t a man take his time?”
“What?‚ exclaimed the corporal, startled. “And get stuck with an ugly one?”


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