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Things Never To Say During Sex ~ Funny Jokes

Things Never To Say During Sex

  1. shut up, b*tch! (worse if the girl says it) 
  2. you know, you're not really attractive.
  3. I'm sorry, I was not listening.
  4. what, oh yea, I love you too, now let me concentrate!!
  5. stop interrupting me!!
  6. I have to take a sh*t.
  7. did I leave the iron on?
  8. your breath is funky. 
  9. start singing Green Day
  10. is it O.K. if I call someone, its O.K. though, keep going....
  11. its OK honey, I can imagine that its bigger.
  12. god I wish you were a real woman.
  13. why can't you ever shave your legs?
  14. by the way, when I drove over here, I ran over your dog....
  15. oh Susan, Susan... I mean donna.... sh*t.
  16. your breast milk is like my mom's....
  17. you're hairy!!
  18. your "happy trail" led me to a dead end.
  19. is it O.K. if I never see you again?
  20. did I forget to tell you I got worms from my cat?
  21. don't make that face at me!
  22. all of a sudden I have a headache.
  23. you're boring.


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