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Nancy - The Blonde Nun

Nancy, the blonde nun was praying in the church, when God decided to talk to her.

God's voice boomed from the heavens, "My child, I am very happy with you. You have always loved your fellow beings and always worked for the benefit of others. For all that you have done in your life, I not only want to thank and commend you, but wish you grant you anything that you want."

Nancy replied, "Oh dear Father, I am absolutely happy and satisfied. I am a bride of Christ. I am only following my heart. I have no desire for anything material. The Church supports me and I am comfortable the way I am."

God said, "There must be something you wish for."

Nancy replied, "Well, there is one thing."

God's voice boomed, "Just say it."

The blonde nun replied, "Well, it's these blonde jokes. They are so humiliating to blondes all over the world, including me. Can these blonde jokes stop?"

God replied, "Done, my dear child. It is erased from the minds of humans. Is there something that you want just for yourself?"

Nancy replied, "Well, there is something, but it's too petty, I don't want to bother you" said the nun.

God said, "Just tell me."

Nancy replied,"It's these M&M's, I find them so hard to peel..."


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