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Conan O'Connor

Conan O'Connor was considered the most clever man in Ireland.

He had won many quiz shows and was encouraged by family and friends to enter the English Mastermind Championships.

He applied and was selected. On they eve of the competition, Conan places himself on the hot seat with the spot light on his face.

The quiz-master asked says, 'What subject are you studying?'

Conan answered, 'Irish History'.

'All right,' says the quiz-master, 'Your first Question: in what year did the 'Easter Rising take Place?'

Conan says, 'Pass.'

'OK,' says the quiz-master, 'Who was the Leader of the Easter Rising?'
Conan answers, 'Pass.'

'All right,' says the quiz-master, 'How long did the Easter Rising Last?'
Conan again says, 'Pass,'

Instantly, a voice shouts from the audience, 'Good man Conan....tell the English nothing....'


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