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Hurricane Helga

A guy walks into a whore house and says, "I have been out at sea for a whole f*cking year, I want the wildest craziest wh*re you've got!"

The madam says, "that would be Hurricane Helga up in 4B."

So the guy goes up and knocks on 4B. The door suddenly opens and he is yanked inside. The lady in the room starts screaming at the top of her lungs in his ear.


She then grabs him and throws him on the bed, strips off her clothes, jumps naked up on the bed straddling him and begins to jump up and down "WHAT YOU FEEL IS HURRICANE HELGA SHAKING THE GROUND BENEATH YOU!

Then she sits on his chest and starts whipping him in the face with her huge t*ts back and forth, over and over. "WHAT YOU FEEL IS THE FORCE OF HURRICANE HELGA KNOCKING THE COCONUTS OUT OF THE TREES!"

The guy bolts right out of bed for the door. Hurricane Helga says,"Where are you going sweety?"

"Hey", says the guy, "There's no way that I can f*ck in this kind of weather!"


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