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Chinese Laundryman

This Chinese laundryman complained to the doctor that he was very constipated.

The doctor gave him a prescription for a good laxative. Come to my office in a few days, said the doctor, and let me know how it works.

A few days later, the Chinaman visited the doctor.

Have you moved yet? asks the doctor.

No, sir, me no moovee, me no moovee.

The doc thinks about it, and then gives him a prescription for twice as much.

Three days later, when the man reported to the doc again, he said that he still hadn't moved and the doc gave him a triple dose, and he said, Come back to see me in two days and let me know just what is happening.

Two days later, the man returned.

Well, said the doctor, have you moved yet?

No, sir, me no moovee yet. Me moovee tomorrow, though. House full of sh*t.


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