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3 Gorgeous Women

A man walked into the local tavern where he frequented, and when the bartender came over, he said, "I'd like to have three shots of Jack Daniels."

The bartender didn't question him, and brought him his 3 shots. One, two, three -- they disappeared! "Fill 'er up again," asked the man.

The bartender repeated the process, and so did the patron -- one, two, three -- they were gone! Well, Joe the Bartender didn't know WHAT to make of this. When the man asked for a third fill up, he said, "Buddy, seems like you got problems! Do you want to talk about 'em?"

The customer said, "Joe, I have a computer at home, and once a month -- maybe more -- I go to a porno website."

Joe, the bartender, said, "A lot of men do that -- but it doesn't make them drink like fish!"

"You don't understand," said the customer, "the one I went to today, I saw 3 gorgeous women!"

Joe said, "That's not unusual. A LOTTA lovely women on the Internet!"

The customer turned to Joe, with tears in his eyes. He said, "Have you ever been to a website, and the first three women you see are your daughter, your wife, and your MOTHER?"


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