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A Marine and A Nun ~ Funny Jokes

A Marine and A Nun

The ship was about to leave for Vietnam, and the Marine decided he just did not want to go, so he slipped from the bar and ran, but the Shore Patrol followed.
About to be caught, the Marine came upon a nun, and begged her to let him hide under her habit.
She agreed and he ducked under.
Then the Shore Patrol came by and asked if she had seen a runnig Marine.
She only pointed off in another direction, and they took off.
"I sure want to thank you, Sister," said the Marine, as he crawled out from under her skirts.
"And I also want to say that you have a nice pair of legs under there."
The nun replied, "It's a good thing you didn't look hgher or you would have found out I'm not a nun....
I just don't want to go to Vietnam either!"


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