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4th Divorce

A lady goes to the court for divorce.

Judge- If I remember, is it not this your 4th divorce?

Lady- Yes, my Lord, it is.

Judge- I cannot pass a decree unless you tell me reasons for all these 4 cases.

Lady- First one was very good Golf player. When he hit the ball, he did not know where the ball was & where he was. On occasions, even if he potted the ball, it was in the wrong hole.

2nd one was a good Long jumper but he always found himself short by 2 inches to touch the end point for qualifying.

3rd one was a good Cricket player. He batted day in & day out but never got out. I had to divorce him.

4th one is a very good Hockey player.

Judge- That is an excellent game.

Lady- I too agree Hockey is an excellent game & he has an equally good control over the ball.

Judge- So what is the reason for seeking divorce?

Lady- This hockey player dribbles too much outside the goal post !!!!!


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