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Doctors and Patients ~ Funny Jokes

Doctors and Patients

1. Height of dentist's achievement! His patient coming out of the clinic with a smiling face, with "No Teeth".~ Maisie M

2. Doctor to patient: I've had the chance to treat a few cases like yours before. So let's just hope I get some kind of luck this time.

3. Patient: I have a feeling that there are 2 of me, Doc.
Doctor: OK, tell me again. And this time, both of you don't speak at once.

4. Doctor: I think you should stop taking sleeping pills every night. You may get addicted to them.
Woman: Don't be silly. I've been taking them every night now for 20 years and they haven't become a habit yet.

5. One night a Doctor got a call from a man. He said it was very urgent.
Man: My mother-in-law is lying at death's door. Could please come over and help me push her through?

6. Patient: I think I suffer from memory loss, Doc.
Doctor: I see and how long do you think you've had this problem?
Patient: How long have I had what problem?


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