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Cowboy at Restaurant

A cowboy had just spent a week penned up in a cattle railcar, tending to their needs until they reached their destination. Following the unloading of the cattle he headed to a restaurant for dinner. The only seat was next to a lady who looked wealthy and educated. He couldn't help overhearing her order.

"I'll have a breast of fowl, virgin fowl, make sure it's a virgin, catch it yourself, garnish my plate with onions, a cup of coffee, not too hot, not to cold, and open the window, I smell a cow, there must be a cowboy in here."

Thoroughly pissed off, the cowboy placed his order. "I'll have a duck, a f*cked duck, make sure it's f*cked, f*ck it yourself, garnish my plate with horse sh*t, a cup of coffee, strong as Texas mule piss, blow the foam off with a fart, and knock out the wall, I smell a c*nt, there must be a wh*re in the house."


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