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This is a test DESIGNED BY REAL MEN, intended FOR REAL MEN ONLY.
Circlethe best answer to each question below. Answers below

1. Impotence is
a. rude or disrespectful behavior
b. helpful when you need dinner reservations or theater tickets
c. when you care enough to give her a break from her sexual duties

2. A menstrual cycle has
a. three wheels
b. two wheels
c. no just drags along

3. The G-spot is
a. a key on the piano
b. close to the F-spot
c. imaginary - dreamed up by feminists to persecute men

4. Masturbate refers to
a. the best fishing lure for big fish
b. everyone joining in the discussion
c. the rewards enjoyed by a man who does his best work alone

5. Premature ejaculation is
a. a man younger than 18 having sex
b. soiling your new PLAYBOY before you get to the centerfold
c. the ultimate testament to your woman's overpowering sex appeal

6. A Douche is
a. one rank above Earl
b. a playing card with the number "2"
c. French for "You're fresh out of luck tonight"

7. Lesbian refers to
a. someone from the Middle East
b. a French word for "the well"
c. a woman trying to do what a man does better

8. Vagina is
a. a heart disease
b. a state near Washington DC
c. like a Club Med - a retreat where kids aren't your responsibility

9. Pornography is
a. the business of making records
b. the science of loaning money against hocked valuables
c. better than foreplay - you're ready before she hits the sheets

10. KOTEX is
a. a radio station in Los Angeles
b. a synthetic fiber for outerwear
c. a chastity belt for women who don't need one

11. A wet dream is likely to occur
a. when your roof begins to leak at night
b. reading the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition
c. when a work accident has disabled both your hands

SCORING: The correct answer to all questions is (c).

If you got 11 CORRECT:
You are a real man. The only romantic challenge you face is finding a woman worthy of your attentions.

If you got 6-9 CORRECT:
You are still a man...but you need to spend more time riding in pickup trucks, talking to chicks on sex hotlines, visiting internet pornography sites...

If you got 1-5 CORRECT:
Liberals, feminists, fairies and wimps are chipping away at your manhood. Stay away from open, honest discussions of sexuality... anyone's sexuality!

if you got NONE CORRECT:
It's time for sex change surgery, testosterone replacement therapy, monastic life or marriage.


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