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Bet on almost anything ~ Funny Jokes

Bet on almost anything

Guys were sitting around a bar talking about things they bet on.
A woman down at the end of the bar says, "I bet on things!"
The bartender says, "Oh Yeah! What do you bet on?"
Woman, "Most anything."
Bartender, "Like what for instance?"
Woman, "See that wall over there? I bet I can pee higher on that wall than you can!"
Bartender, (Thinks about this for a minute) "I'll take that bet! How much do you want to bet?" Woman, "You name your price."
Bartender, "I'll bet you a thousand bucks."
Woman, "Ok!"
Bartender, "Ladies first." Woman, Pulls up her dress, pulls down her panties, leans back and pees.
"Your turn," she replies.
Bartender, Unzips his pants gets his sure tool out; gets ready to pee.
Woman, "Hey.... NO HANDS!"


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