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I am paid to watch the hoarding ~ Funny Jokes

I am paid to watch the hoarding

A CEO of a top brand company used to be a very frequent flier and traveler. He usually takes the early morning flight and return back the same evening or night home and this was his regular schedule.

Every time he passed between the airport and his house he spotted an old man in his early seventies, spectacled, standing under a hoarding and staring at the sky. On many occasions he noticed that never did the old man ever look down, sideways or front. He was always looking up.

The CEO was very curious to understand what was the problem with the old chap. At freezing temperatures what is bothering this man that he has to spend the night in the cold looking at the sky.

One midnight while on his return he decided to stop and check with the old man if there was any problem. He went up to the old man and asked him “Hey, old fella you got to be at home spending time with your grandchildren but instead you are spending your time in the freezing cold in the street looking at the sky. Is there any problem that I can help you solve it”

The old man tells “ No son, I am fine and have no problem. I have chosen this on my own will. I am working for a company and I am paid to stand here and keep a watch”

CEO: What!! Paid by a company to stare at the sky!!!

Old man: Nope, you dumbo, I am paid to watch the hoarding and work for an advertising company.

CEO: What’s so great in this neon lit hoarding that you need to watch this all night except for the 5 words written and a pretty lady’s photograph on the hoarding.

“Yea exactly, that’s my job to keep watching and reporting” the old man said all along only looking up.

CEO: Can you explain to me what’s your job as I am still unable to get a clue about what’s so critical in this.

Old man: Read the advertisement

“COUNTLESS WOMEN USE THIS NAPKIN” the CEO read and said “so what”

Old man: My job is to report back to the company the moment the “O” stops glowing.


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