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Fart Game

The little boy went over to the little girls house next door. Their parents were at work. They played with her toys for a while and became bored.

The little boy turned to the girl and said, "I know a game we can play." So they went in the kitchen. The little boy got two plates out of the cabinet and some flour. The little boy put a cup of flour on each plate. The little boy said, "Now, what we do is squat over our plate and fart. Whoever blows up the biggest puff of flour wins." The little girl said, "You go first".

So the little boy squatted over his plate and gave out a big grunt. Up came a little puff of flour. The little girl squatted down over her plate, gave out a grunt and blew all the flour off the plate. The little boy said, "Wow, I've never seen anything like that, let me look at your butt!"

The little girl bent over so he could see. The little boy looked at her butt and said, "No wonder! You got one of them double barrels!"


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