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18 Things Guys Should Know... (by Girls)

  1. We fart. And we think it's ****ing hilarious
  2. Girls poop. sorry boys. i know in your world we don't, but we're not the perfect little girls you want us to be
  3. We can burp with the best of you. We just choose to keep it between us.
  4. We probably masturbate more than you.
  5. We love touching eachother's boobs just for the hell of it. It's funny.
  6. Kissing eachother isn't a big deal. It's kind of nice.
  7. We don't always like to give head, so when you get it, don't put your hands on the back of our heads and hold down. We hate that.
  8. Sometimes we go a couple of weeks without shaving...anything.
  9. It's fun to skip sex, since most times we fake it anyway. Be a man and go down.
  10. Watching porn doesn't really do it. reading it is what gets us hot.
  11. We think lesbian porn is funny.
  12. That whole head shaking thing when you go down on us? What the **** is that? don't do it. you're just wasting your time .. and ours.
  13. The fingers don't always have to go in. Stay on the outside a bit. Trust me, it's better.
  14. Not all girls are crazy about gifts. Just being with you is awesome.
  15. We like hanging out with the guys. Girls suck.
  16. Right, the reason we hate eachother so much? GIRLS ARE BITCHES.
  17. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER ask us if we are pmsing just because we seem to be in a bad mood. It's not the greatest idea.
  18. Suck it up, we're really horny during our periods .. hop in the shower, because you'll never get it as much as then


  1. You shouldn't assume that every girl is like you (and your friends).

    You do sound like a fun girl, though.

  2. can we hand this list out to men? lol Its perfect and exactly true. :))

  3. I cannot relate to this at all :S This was a depressing read.

  4. ur right... I'll go with: 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and I agree 100% with 18!