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DOUBLE coverage insurance ~ Funny Jokes

DOUBLE coverage insurance

Two farmers met on the road one day and began talking.
"My wife is always into these new ideas she hears being advertised," one farmer told the other. "Now she wants to get 'pet insurance' for our cats. Can you believe that?"
"I've heard of that," the other farmer replies.
"Sounds like just another thing to waste money on," the first farmer added.
"How many cats do you have?" the second farmer asked.
"Two," the first replied. "Why?"
"Tell your wife I'll give you DOUBLE coverage insurance on those two cats at no cost," the second farmer offered.
"Wow, that's great!" the first farmer replied, "But how can you provide that? Especially double coverage and at no cost."
"Simple," the second farmer explains. "If anything happens to your two cats, I've got four more out in the barn you can replace them with!"


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