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The Black Rider

Mujo comes to the wild west, and tired from his trip, goes to a saloon to have a beer. As soon as he gets in, he sees everybody else leaving in a hurry. He leans on counter and asks the bartender, "What's happening?"

"Don't you know? The black rider will be here in a few minutes."

Mujo asks, "Who the f*ck is the black rider?"

The bartender replies, "I can't believe you don't know. He's the most dangerous guy I've ever seen. You better get lost before he gets here, or god knows what he will do if he finds you here. I'm just about to leave myself"

Mujo thinks, "F*ck the black rider. I'll stay here and have my beer in peace, and when he comes, I'll show him." So there's Mujo all alone in the bar drinking his beer, everybody's gone already, so the whole place is a bit creepy. All of the sudden he hears some steps outside of the saloon, the door opens, and a 6 ft 5" tall man comes in, all dressed in black, black hat, black shirt, black cowboy boots. Mujo can feel his knees tremble - the black rider is here!

The man leans on the counter and says, "Hey, you!"

Mujo stammers, "Wwwhhho mmme?"

"Yes you, come over here" the man demands.

Mujo comes. "Yes, sir, how can I help you sir?" His voice is shaking, and he can barely stand.

The man says, "Blow me."

Mujo thinks, what else can he do -- that's the black rider he's talking to and he can kill him any second, so he starts doing the job .

The man starts moaning.

Muko asks, "Is everything OK sir?"

The man replies, "Yes, it's OK. But just hurry up a bit, the black rider will be here any minute, and then we're both dead."


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