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Stanley the Sperm

Stanley the Sperm decided he was going to be "the one". He practiced swimming every day, trying to build up his speed and endurance. He also started asking all kinds of questions. "How will I know the egg? What does it look like? What does it smell like?"

One crusty old sperm who never made it out took a liking to Stanley. "Well", he said, "legend says the egg is easy to spot. She is big and round and the smell is heavenly. It is like a combination of all the flowers in the world and the scent is just overpowering. You can't miss her. They say you should just hit her head on and if she accepts you, you will be drawn in and together you will form a new person. "

The time came and Stanley felt himself being propelled down the shaft and into the void. He swam and swam, leading his fellow sperm by several lengths. Finally he rounded a corner and spotted the egg. Big and round, just like he had been told and dead ahead.

Shouting "I am Stanley the Sperm", he built up even more speed and rammed the egg head first. He immediately backed out spitting and snorting. "You smell like sh*t!!" he exclaimed.


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