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War is War

Once at the time of the world war, the Germans were looting all villages, of food, wine and women. Before they could enter one such village, the villagers decide to scoot, except for one young man, who had a 90 year old grandmother. So the soldiers found the one occupied house and tore inside.

"Bring us some food.", the young soldier said.
"But I have only half a loaf of bread"
"War is War, bring us the food"
So he gives his last morsel of food.

"Bring us some wine"
"But I doubt if there is any in the house, you know how things are these days!"
"War is War, bring us the wine"
So the young man manages half a bottle and gives it to them.

"Now, bring us a woman"
"But everyone has left the village. The onle female presence here is my 90 year old grandmother!!"
"War is War, bring her to us"
The old woman is brought and she's so frail and weak that the soldiers decide against it and say "We'll let you off this time."

Then Granny says, "But, War is War!!"


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