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Sex Education

A mom of an 8-year-old boy was awaiting her son's arrival from school.
As he ran in, he said he needed to talk to her about making babies.
He claimed he knew about the development of a fetus but didn't understand the answer to that "million dollar question."
Namely, how did the sperm get into the woman?
The mom asked the boy what he thought the answer was.
The boy said that the sperm is manufactured in the man's stomach, it rises up to his chest, then throat, and into his mouth whereupon he kisses the woman and deposits the sperm into her mouth.
The mom told her boy that was a good guess, but wrong.
She said that she would give him a hint... that the sperm came out of the man's pen*is.
Suddenly, the boy's face became quite red and he said, "YOU MEAN YOU PUT YOUR MOUTH ON THAT THING!?"


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