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Pig was killed

Donald Trump was riding through the countryside in his black chauffeured limousine. All of a sudden a pig darted out in front of the limo and was instantly killed. Trump -- a man of business, after all -- felt really bad and instructed his driver to head for the closest farm house, find out if they owned the pig, and offer to pay for damages.

They soon arrived at a farm house and the chauffeur went to the front door. He was escorted inside by the farmer -- and was gone for over two hours!

When he reappeared, his clothes were in disarray, he was carrying a brown paper bag, and had the biggest smile on his face that The Donald had ever seen. He demanded to know were the chauffeur had been and what had taken him so long.

The chauffeur reported that he went to the front door, just as instructed, and had told the farmer and his wife what had happened. They invited him in, prepared a fine steak with all the fixins' for him.

Then they took him upstairs to meet their 21-year-old daughter who was a finalist in last year's Miss USA pageant. They left him with the daughter for about an hour so they could "get to know one another better."

When he came back downstairs the farmer's wife handed him a bag of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and sent him on his way.

"Wow!" Trump exclaimed. "What exactly did you tell them?"

"Well," replied the chauffeur, sheepishly, "I just told them that I was Donald Trump's chauffeur, and we were in a little accident down the road and the pig was killed, and...."


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