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Lady Elephant and Rabbit

So this lady elephant is walking along the forest, when she gets a sliver in her foot.
It`s really quite painful, so when she sees this bunny rabbit on the forest floor, she asks him to pull the sliver out.
The rabbit says, "Okay, but if I do this favour for you, you have to promise to do a favour for me."
"All right," says the elephant, "what?"
"Well you see," says the rabbit, "I haven`t gotten my rocks off in a long time. I've had no action at all, and I thought that you might help me."
The elephant is a little shocked, but she wants that sliver out, so she agrees.
So the rabbit pulls the sliver out and says, "Okay, get ready," and jumps up there and starts going to town with the elephant.
This monkey in a tree nearby sees this little bunny rabbit going at with the elephant, and he starts jumping up and down and laughing in the tree.
He jumps so hard that a coconut falls out of the tree and hits the elephant on the head.
The elephant says, "Ouch!" And the rabbit says, "That`s right b**ch, take it all!"


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