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Are Women More Intelligent Than Men ? ~ Funny Jokes

Are Women More Intelligent Than Men ?

Helen, a normal woman was married to John.

One day she found a lamp in the street and as you do she gave it a little rub.

Sure enough a genie popped out and said “I will grant you three wishes, but I must warn you that with each wish, your husband will experience 10 times worth”

Thinking about it for a few seconds she accepted the offer and said

“Make me the richest woman in the world”

The genie said “you do realise that your husband will become ten times richer than you”

“That’s OK, we have been married for 15 years, we are a couple, what is mine is his and his is mine”

Poooof: she became the richest woman in the world

“For my next wish I want you to make me the most beautiful woman in the world”

You do realise that this will make your husband the most attractive man alive, women all over the world will want him and desire him”

“That’s ok as I will be the most attractive woman he will only have eyes for me”

Pooof: she became the most beautiful woman alive

“And for your 3rd wish?” said the genie

Helen thought for a while, remembering the ten times more thing she said “I would like to experience a mild heart attack!!!”

This goes to show that women are smarter than men……very good ladies!

If you are a women please end here, if you are a man please scroll down.

Yes gentlemen her husband experienced a heart attack 10 times milder than his wife, this just goes to prove that women are not the smarter sex, but let’s not tell them……just enjoy the show.

If you are a lady reading this, be a sweetie and put the kettle on.


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