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10 inches of Snow

A lady goes on vacation alone to the Caribbean wishing her husband had been able to join her. 
Upon arriving, she meets a black man, and after a night of passionate lovemaking she asks him, “What is your name?”
“I can’t tell you!” the black man says. 
Every night they meet and every night she asks him again what his name is and he always responds the same, he cannot tell her. 
On her last night there she asks again, “Can you please tell me your name?” 
“I can’t because you will make fun of me!” the black man says. 
“There is no reason for me to laugh at you,” the lady says. “Fine, my name is Snow” the black man replies. 
And the lady bursts into laughter, and the black man gets mad and says, “I knew you would make fun of it.” 
The lady replied, “It’s my husband that won’t believe me when I tell him that I had 10 inches of Snow every day in the Caribbean!”

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