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"Gee," says the Irishman ~ Funny Jokes

"Gee," says the Irishman

An Italian, a Jew, and an Irishman are marooned on a desert island for five years. One day, while walking along the beach, one of them comes across an old bottle. He rubs it and out comes a genie, who is empowered to grant each of them their dearest wish:

"Ah," says the Italian, "let me go back to the Old Country, where the wine is sweet and the women are beautiful." BANG! He vanishes.

"For me," says the Jew, "I want to go to the Holy Land and live out the rest of my days with my people." BANG! He vanishes.

"Gee," says the Irishman, "it's so hard to choose what to ask for. I wish my two friends were back here to help me decide."


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