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Urge and Camel

Once a Col. who was overseeing a division stationed in a desert, visits them.
He asks the Captain to show all the tents. Captain takes through the Col. to all the tents and they reach the last tent and Capt. hesitates to open.
When Col. insisted, he opens the tent where there are two Camels lying down.
Capt. tells in a low voice to Col. "Sir, when our soldiers get the urge they use these camels". Col. walks off .
 During the night, an SOS comes for Col. but he is found no where.
Having searched everywhere, Capt. goes to the last tent and opens to see the Col. in a compromising position with Camel.
Capt. shockingly asks Col. " Sir, what are you doing?". Col. replies, "Capt. you only said that your soldiers would use the camel when they get an urge. I got an urge and thought of using the camel".
Capt. says" Col. what I meant was, when my soldiers get the urge, they use the camel to go to the nearest town to visit brothels".!!!!


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