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Someone was sitting on the well ~ Funny Jokes

Someone was sitting on the well

Here is a little known story about the early years of the Bush administration, which became public soon after Obama transitioned into the White House. The Bush administration was working hard to hire a diverse staff. In a staffing meeting, they realized that South Asian and African Immigrants were under-represented due to a lack of resumes. “Look, hire someone, anyone.” said the head of the Transition Hiring Committee.
So a HR bureaucrat flew to a refuge camp and found a goat herder from the remote mountains of southern Kazikistan. She asked through a translator if he’d like a job at the White House, and he said with grateful tears in his eyes that he had always dreamed of being in a great white palace, serving a great king, and he would be honored.
A week later, he’s at the White House, serving food at an important meeting. “Refill the President’s water glass!” whispers the head server. So the man leaves and quickly comes back with a small silver pitcher, and fills President Bush’s glass. It’s a long meeting and after a while the head server whispers again, “Refill the President’s water glass!”. So the man leaves with the small silver pitcher, comes right back, and fills the President’s glass.
When the meeting is finally almost over, The head server sees the President is almost out of water again, and whispers “Refill the President’s glass!” The man leaves and comes back a few minutes later, shaking his head. “I’m very sorry, but I could not get more water this time.”
“Couldn’t get water? What do you mean you couldn’t get water? This is the most powerful man in the world. When he needs water, he gets water!”
“Yes, I’m so very very sorry. But this time someone was sitting on the well.”


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