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Car Crash

There once was a cop who was surveying a car crash.
There were two people that had died in the crash. When he saw a monkey come out of the wreck the cop said "Man I wish you could talk," the cop told the monkey.
"Then you could tell me what happened."
"Oh but I can," replied the monkey.
"Well what were the couple doing?" questioned the cop.
"Kissing," replied the monkey.
"They were kissing?" asked the cop.
"Yes, answered the monkey, and smoking."
"At the same time?!" cried the cop.
"Yes, and drinking," replied the monkey.
"So let me get this straight, said the cop. "They were kissing,
smoking, and drinking at the same time."
"Yep" answered the monkey.
"Then what were you doing?" asked the cop.
"Driving," answered the monkey


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