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Martian Sex

The year is 2222 and Mike and Maureen land on Mars. Here, they meet a Martian couple and are talking about all sorts of things. Mike asks if Mars has a stock market, laptop computers, how do they make money, etc. Finally, Maureen brings up the subject of sex.
"Just how do you two do it?" asks Maureen.
"Pretty much the way you do." the Martian responds.
A discussion ensues and finally the couples decide to swap for the night and experience one another's styles!
Maureen and the male Martian go off to a bedroom where the male strips. He's got only a teeny, weenie...about half an inch long and a quarter inch think.
"I don't think this is going to work," says Maureen!
"Why?" he asks, "What's the matter?"
"Well," she replies, "It's just not long enough to reach me!"
"No problem," he says, and proceeds to slap his forehead with his palm.
With each slap of his forehead, his unit grows until it's quite impressively long.
"Well," she says, "that's quite impressive, but it is still narrow."
"No problem,"he says, and starts pulling his ears. With each pull, his unit grows wider and wider until the entire measurement is extremely exciting to the woman!
"Wow!" she exclaims, as they fell into bed and made very mad, passionate love.
The next day the couples rejoin their normal partners and go on their separate ways. As they walk along, Mike asks, "Well, was it any good?"
"I hate to say it," says Maureen, "but it was pretty wonderful! How about you?"
"It was horrible," he replies, "all I got was a headache...she kept slapping my forehead and pulling my ears!"


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