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Mine is bigger than yours ~ Funny Jokes

Mine is bigger than yours

There was one time two friends sitting next to a tree eating their lunch until one friend asks the other,

"Hey you see that donkey far away.." and the other friend replies... "yeah I see it."

"I bet you 100 bucks, I can make that donkey laugh..

the other friend replies.. "go ahead I bet that money you cant do that".

So the friend goes where the donkey was eating his food, approaches to him and lift the donkey's ear and whispers in it.. and the donkey started laughing..

so the other friend loses his money.. in the next 5 min the friend asks the other friend again..

"I bet you 100 bucks more I make the donkey cry"..

so he does and the other friend approaches to the donkey and lifts his ear and whispers in it again..

then donkey started to cry...

he goes back and the other friend asks: "how did you do that"?

his friend replies, easy! "the first time I told him my dick was bigger than his..

"and he laughed.. and the "second time I showed to him..."


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