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Capitalism ~ Funny Jokes


A little boy came up to his father and asked: daddy, what is political corruption?!

His father looked strangely on him and said: well son, you wouldn’t understand now, but I will make it close to you: I pay money on this house, so call me the capitalism…
Your mom is organizing this house matters, so lets call her the government…
And you are at her disposal, so lets call you…the people…
And your little brother is our hope…so we shall call him…the future….
However, for our maid who lives with us and we support her, so we shall call her…the hard working labor…

Go off son and think about that, may be you shall understand now…

So late at night, the little boy kept thinking about this and couldn’t sleep, he got up at night hearing his little baby brother crying….

He checked him and found him soaked in dirt as his diaper was full of shit….

He went to call his mommy, but found her in deep sleep…..!

So boy goes to check his dad, he went up to maid’s room and looked thru door hole, he finds his dad sleeping with maid…..

So next day, the little boy goes straight to his dad and says: well daddy I know now what political corruption is….
Well sonny…what is it? Replied his father strangely….

When capitalism screws around with the hard working labor, and government is sleeping off, the people is left unattended and the future is deep in shit…….:))


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