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A farmer took the camper off his truck before going to town.

As he was going down the road five Blondes were standing beside the road hitchhiking.

The farmer picked them up, one blonde got in the front and the other four blondes got in the back.

As they were going over the hill the brakes went out on the truck.

The farmer couldn’t stop the truck and they went into the pond at the bottom.

The farmer and the blonde that were up front come up out of the water a minute later.

They kept waiting for others in the back to come up.

The farmer said, “I wonder where they are?”

The blonde said, “May be they drowned.”

About five minutes later they come up gasping for breath. The farmer asked, “What the Hell took you so long?”

The four blondes said, “We had a devil of a time getting that fucking tailgate open!"


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